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Conventional Medicine

Many who practice alternative or energetic healing have a critical view of conventional medicine.

We do not see things as being so black-and-white!

We view conventional medicine as divided. There are good and bad meds.

One sample topic is pain. Pain always inflicts real damage to our consciousness field, and this kind of damage is very difficult to heal. So in almost all cases, some side effects of painkillers are much better than "taking the pains", and with this, taking the damages.

If you have serious health problems, it's always good to go to a good doctor! He can tell you, for example, which kind of painkiller is the best for your kind of pain. And if he makes a good and detailed diagnosis, ask him to write down all the possible ICD-10 codes of the problems you may have. Sometimes symptoms are not unique, so there may be more than one possible disease he could write down. That's good, in this case you can use all of these codes to work with the Healing Cards.

Be aware that energetic healing often needs a longer time to finish. So, even if many 3D meds just handle the symptom and not the origin of a disease, it may help you fine during the energetic healing. If a conventional medicine doesn't inflict greater harm than it helps, or only creates small harm that is easy to heal, we see it as a perfect supplement for the energetic healing: two sides of the same coin.

Below, we will make a list with conventional medicines that we found to be good or OK to be used. This means that they don't inflict energetic harm, or that the benefit is so much greater than the harm they do, that we classify them as "energetically uncritical". However, you should always consult a good doctor or a good alternative practitioner. This list is a simple alphabetical list and will definitely be incomplete. We only add meds after someone asks us to check it (for example in our healing forum).

List of "energetically uncritical" Conventional Medicines


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