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Illness and disease
     - Definition of terms -

There are 3 layers used to generate a mind-model for the methodology of the healing cards:

1. The illness, which we call medical illness, or MI.
2. The disease, which we call medical disease, or MD.
3. The energetic cause, which we call energetic disease, or ED.

1. The illness or medical illness (MI) refers to feelings of discomfort, pain,
malaise, which may be identified as symptoms of a medical disease (MD).

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2. The medical disease (MD) is the specific pathological classification
for the physiological conditions underlying the medical illness (MI).

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3. The true cause of medical illness and disease (MI, MD) is often energetic
in nature. We call this the energetic cause, or energetic disease (ED).

From the medical illness (MI) to the medical disease (MD) to the energetic disease (ED), each layer includes and builds upon the previous one:

Medical illness (MI)

The medical illness (MI) is a tiny point of awareness, including only the conscious sensations or experiences of some underlying issue. We might link these sensations to a specific pathological condition (medical disease or MD). However, this is still a very limited perspective, as the medical disease (MD) is often itself merely the effect of a deeper disease that is energetic in nature. Therefore it is necessary to identify the true cause of the illness: the energetic diseases (ED), in order to properly treat the problem.

Medical disease (MD)

The medical disease (MD) is the identified pathological cause or nature of the medical illness (MI), following a diagnosis. Many symptoms are not unique, and thus the same medical illness (MI) may be caused by different medical diseases (MD). The same symptoms can also have origins in wildly different energetic diseases (ED) from case to case, or from one individual to another. The Healing Cards work by tracing each medical disease (MD) to its specific energetic disease (ED) causes; these are covered by a set of required Command Cards for that particular disease, which contain energetic healing programs and commands. This means that every individual afflicted with a particular medical disease (MD), who can use the cards, can use the same Command Cards to heal their condition.

The name of the medical disease (MD) often does not accurately reflect the energetic causes behind it. To illustrate, two medical diseases (MD) which have very similar names can have completely different sets of required Command Cards: such as Uterine fibroid, unspecified (D25.9); and Uterine fibroid (submucous) (D25.0). This is because the cards are sorted by energetic disease (ED), not by medical disease (MD); and there is often no obvious link between the two.

Energetic disease (ED)

The energetic disease (ED) is the true cause behind the medical disease (MD) which was only the perceived cause of the medical illness (MI). Therefore, treating the energetic disease (ED) is vital to removing and healing the medical illness (MI) at a root cause level. This is done with the Command Cards, each of which contains unique healing commands and programs, divided according to the energetic level on which they operate.

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