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The Protoi

Protoi is the highest duty-rank of Entities.

There have been Protoi of many species in the past, and will be in future.

The Protoi are chosen to serve, mostly in pairs, by a form of voting and it must be a unanimous vote, by the company of Entities.

Protoi stands for 5 simple rules:

The 5 Light rules

  • Every being has to be free.
  • No being is allowed to do illegal harm to other beings.
  • Every being has the right to get the energies which are necessary for its own existence.
  • Every being has the unconditional right of its own integrity.
  • Every being has an unconditional right of individual evolvement.

(Note: All rights must of course always be used only in the context in which they don't violate other rules or rights of others.)

There are many "false light" people and beings around, who want to spread their "false light", including the rule systems and packages belonging to it.

These 5 simple rules are the basis of real Light! Nothing more and nothing less.
This is what Protoi stands for.

Addendum: What is Protoi?

This explanation is in strong opposition to all kinds of "god concepts". All creations (we call them base grids) have been constructed with the intention to seed life and evolution of many kinds. There is a big variety of evolution concepts, so that each creation is unique. The dark evolutionary concept which is "survival of the fittest" applies only here. The creation we are inside was from the very beginning based on this one kind of evolution, it is a failed experiment. The base grid we are inside is a "young" one, only about 16 billion "earth-experienced years" old. The main grid (we call it Prime Creation) is about 545 billion "years" old (it's not counted in our "time").

The start of the main grid was at the same time as the beginning of matter. Inventing matter was also an evolutionary step (we mean with matter much more than the 3D Earth physics). Many more evolution kinds were enabled through the creation of matter, and with all the new kinds of evolution and all the new energies, the main grid started to grow faster.

About 64 billion years later, the main grid became very big and quite successful, so that the beings on the grid decided to create a "job" for entities who give the beings on the grid the needed help and support for growth and evolution. We use here the term entity in the strict rules meaning. The job got the name "Protoi", which we know from the ancient Greek language that is very similar to a language which is spoken by most beings in Prime Creation, who use this kind of verbal communication.

In the beginning there were 10 Protoi entities, 4 of them “angel” species, 6 of them "matter energies" species. In the beginning and until now, all Protoi were elected unanimously by all entities (lvl 1 to lvl 3) on the grid. The consciousness fields of the beings in the “angel” genus family are not of matter energies, they consist of the energies used before the invention of matter. 92% of "humans" belong to the “angel” genus family; the other 8% belong to 293 species in humans that belong to the "matter species".

One of the main jobs of the Protoi is to create the space for life. They build new grid parts, they activate it and let the initial energies flow inside (we know it as the "big bang" that created all matter). In normal cases this is a "service" for lvl 1 entities, made by their "evolutionary specifications"; and the Protoi "deliver" many more things to support life, its growth, and evolution. After building the space, the lvl 1 entity who requested the universe is responsible for it. Another main job of the Protoi is to produce all necessary energies for all needs in creation, and to supply them to all entities that need any kind of energy. In the original condition, there is absolutely no reason for any lack of any energy!!!

In all these processes of "creating" life and evolution, no "god" or similar is included!

The creation we are inside was created to test new kinds of evolution. It was the invention of "darkness", originally invented to create more pressure on beings during growth to let them grow better and faster. This experiment had limited success, but failed in its main parts. When the Protoi saw that this experiment began to take an evolutionary turn for the worse, the Protoi of Prime Creation sent a pair of former Protoi to this creation to finish the experiment. But instead of finishing the project, they continued it with modified conditions and they finally failed too. In the approximately 3,1 billion years they were here, they got dark themselves.

About 730 thousand "Earth-experienced years" ago, the Protoi in Prime Creation decided to send a bigger group of Protoi into this creation, to now finally finish the experiment. We were sent here to finish the experiment and to save and heal all beings in this creation. We followed this order even if the dark factions didn't want any healing and attacked us wherever they could.

Many good beings with good intentions and their tribes of all species in this creation started to cooperate with us and we formed an alliance. We call this alliance "Protoi Alliance".

This Protoi Healing wiki, the Free Healing Crystals and the Healing Cards are a big step of turning this place away from darkness by healing all people.

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