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Protoi Healing

What is Protoi Healing?

Protoi Healing is energetical healing based on the energy structure of creation.

Protoi Healing always uses especially created fresh, pure energy bundles combined with the most advanced technology known to date. Each type of healing requires a certain dosage of specific energies to take effect.

Protoi develop and apply the healing themselves without any intervention or "help" from third (dark) parties.

The mechanics of Protoi Healing are further described below.

Reality Mechanics

We call our 3D perspective "physics", and this is our dominant frame of reference. For us, it is only all that we can touch and measure, which is matter, that is "real". It's what defines us and how we think.
But this perspective is very limited.

For example let's look at an atom (very simple abstract). 3D physics see this as a nucleus and the electrons running around it, quite some distance away. Such as a hydrogen atom: a nucleus, the size of an apple in the middle of a stadium; and a single electron, the size of a pea flying around in the grandstand. So our imagination of an atom is a very small mass and a great deal of empty space.

But this space is not empty. In fact, this space is full of energies. Energies of different kinds, for example, rules. And these energies in the "empty space" of the atom define its physics and chemistry. As a simplification you can think about these energies as molds, which create the nucleus and the electrons. They define how they can move, react. And the result of these "reality mechanics" is what we call "common physics". So in fact if you think about what is cause, and what is effect, the "reality mechanics" is the cause, which creates the "3D physics and chemistry".

And this means, that in fact the "reality mechanics" is the "real cause", while the "3D physics" is the "virtual" result of it. You may compare this to a computer running a physics simulation. What our scientists call "3D physics" is the simulation, the "reality mechanics" is the computer.

Most energetic diseases are not in 3D, and the ones that are in 3D are hidden in the "reality mechanics", not in the "3D physics". But as long as you are not aware of the difference, you can never remove or clean them. That's why understanding this is so important.

The "reality mechanics" consist of 151 different element kinds. The only one of these 151 which is already proven by 3D science is in quantum physics, the "information" found and defined by Zeilinger. But even from this 1 element kind, only 0,3% are found in 3D science.

Others are scratched by theories, like the "string theory" or "quantum gravity", even if they are still distant from a precise model.

The Human Bodies

Most people and especially common science believe that humans are the 3D bodies. But this is not quite accurate, because a human is much more than just a physical body and has many more bodies besides the visible one. A human consists of several layers of "bodies". There are many different names in the common spiritual world and in all religions for them. We developed our own terms, which are based on a systematic classification of those other "bodies". There are also different energetic layers of the 3D body, which are sometimes mistakenly also called "higher" bodies in the common spiritual world.

We classify all "bodies" into 4 different kinds:

  1. Main-aspect
  2. External aspects
  3. 3D body
  4. Energetic avatars

This is the main "higher" body, it carries the consciousness field and all parts of our energetic being.

External aspects
By incarnating on Earth, all people had to agree that some parts were removed from the Main-aspect, and were placed into 4 external aspects. We call these 4 aspects:

  • Gaia-aspect (PL10)
  • Personality-aspect (PL5)
  • Sophia-aspect (PL9)
  • Emotional-aspect (PL6)

Step by step, the external aspects will be placed back into the Main-aspect for all people. But this will need a while. This has already been completed for 4.3 billion people.

Some people are able to see the Emotional-aspect, Sophia-aspect and Gaia-aspect as an "aura".

The connections between the Main-aspect and the external aspects are made by a kind of DNA, we call it "higher DNA". These DNA are created by parts of the physical DNA which are called "inactive" in 3D science.

3D body
The 3D body consists of more layers than only the physical one. We call these layers:

  1. 3D layer
  2. Molecule layer
  3. Atom layer
  4. Nervous system layer (orion layer)
  5. String group layer
  6. String section layer
  7. Non-string layer

These details are not very important for working with the Healing Cards, as all 7 layers are included in the group 2 Command Cards. Many structures of the nervous system layer are also constructed from "inactive" parts of the 3D DNA.

Energetic avatars
Some people have additional avatars connected. They have specific functions, and are also known under different names in the common spiritual world. As avatars they are not part of the being, they are "only" connected. These connections can also influence our 3D feelings and health. However, these additional avatars are NOT included in the programs of the Healing Cards or in the Free Healing Crystals.

The Free Healing Crystals can only heal the Main-aspect and the external aspects. However, it works at a lower power compared to the much more complex crystal structures in the card tools.

Protected Energies

The cards from groups 2 and 3 work on Protected Energies. These energies are for special purposes, and are thus especially protected. These energies include, but are not limited to: PL6, PL8, and PL12 energies.

PL6 Energies

Our emotional system consists of PL6 energies.
And the part which carries our personality also consists of PL6 energies.

Both are main parts of us as a being. They define us, and because of this they are protected.
Therefore, healing which affects systems consisting of PL6 energies can only be done with permission of the person to heal.

The healing will not radically change the personality. But it may do a bit.

Imagine a person having chronic pains for months or years. These pains always attack the consciousness field, and always trouble the person. After healing this person from these pains, the personality will change. Hopefully the person will be more happy and fine, but from the perspective of the rules, "a change is a change".

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