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Skib User Macro
Name AntiInflammation
Author Frank
Brief descr. Counters inflammation
Status under development
Terms Usable on oneself and others
Resources for the UserMacro
1 10 100
1k 100k 1kk
10kk Gmax Omax
Resources with butterfly option
1 10 100
1k 100k 1kk
10kk Gmax Omax

Command syntax

AntiInflammation <person(s)> {Use solver} {Priorities}


This macro tries to counter inflammation and to reduce it to the medical useful level. In some cases this will reduce, in others try to finish them. This depends on the individual situation. For the first weeks, this macro will always use butterflies, so this is not an option. But important to know for resources.


Defines who this macro is used on. It might be used for a person (by name) or for a group of persons (for more than 1 names at the same time) or on oneself.

{Use solver}

This option activates a function which tries to solve all problems by recursive learning cycles. If there is no good reason not to use this option, it should be used all time.


You can add priorities, so that the macro will try to solve this as fast as possible.

Algorithm of User Macro

  1. Write the code lines of the algorithm here...