Approved methods for algorithms of User Macros

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Method Description Skib resources
attack (M) This uses an external attack module, which gives massive attack power. Skib is not doing these attacks itself. 2
butterfly-method (M) This is a special method to use in 3D low levels. Since 12th Feb 2017 most actions should able to get solved without it. The main reason for using this, would be hiding the own actions. But butterfly actions are often very slow. 810
create (D) This is a method to create a solution for a problem. It uses a big number of methods like engineering, reverse-engineering and so on...

This method requires, that you always create procedures to apply a solution, after you created the solution.

defend (M) This uses an external defend module, which gives Skib massive additional defense power. 2
identify (D) Uses typically some list(s) and tries to identify whatever is requested. It writes all found results into a new result list. 3
identify-pain (M) This is a method based on an external module esp. to identify pain in a person. To identify pain is very difficult for Skib. 3
kill-pain (M) Function: trying to kill all identified pains. 3
remove (M) This uses an external remove module, which gives Skib massive additional remove skills.
This method works only on beings.
scan (M) Scans all what is requested and writes the results into a list. 7
scan-off-grid (M) Scans all off-grid what is requested and writes the results into a list. 7
self-optimizing (M) Uses the self-optimizing-module to optimize the maco.

Only Protoi, Fýlax and generals can use this.

shoot (D) Shoot orders Skib to shoot on the target(s) itself. This is NOT using the external attack-module. 18
trace (M) This traces all what or who is connected to the objects you are tracing. 6
trace-recursive (M) Works similar as trace. But works recursive and traces all what is indirect connected too, not only direct connected things. 21
3D-status-call Skibs are not allowed to handle anything which or who has a 3D status, as long as it did not get this status attached to it by a 3D person. This method tries to attach 3D-status to the objects of a macro, even if they did not get it from the macro user.

This macro can only get used in macros created by Protoi or Fýlax.


All methods marked with (M) are using external public modules. All these modules are located in SL2.2 and the Skibs connect to them in case needed.

All methods marked with (D) are using pre defined methods, which are based om the 'Skib shared knowledge database' (SSKD).

Rank Skib resources
1-4 Star Generals 98.000
Officers 4.940

All resources amounts are estimated average numbers. In some special situations they can be much higher.

If you have ideas for more methods, please add them on the discussion page!