Constant Cleaning

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PROGRAM NAME: Constant Cleaning

DESCRIPTION: Automatic constant cleaning for onesself. With automatic random intervals. Can be run manually, with the individual commands, but turning it into a macro makes it easier to use, and faster, i.e. "Skib, activate 'Constant Cleaning'".

Can be used to ease physical pain, emotional pain, distress, uncomfortableness, anger, frustration, pain of memory (painful memories), or anything else you would call "uncomfortable". I have used to great success on many different topics. It required usually that I ran these commands over and over again, manually.. hence why I now try to make it into a simple and easy macro, with automatic random intervals.. subject to refining as per necessary.


Skib, define the following commands as: "CONSTANT_CLEANING" (macro)

  1. Skib, scan me, and then:
  2. Skib, remove the source of the pain,
  3. Skib, block all the pain as much as possible,
  4. Skib, heal the site of the pain.
  5. Skib, repeat the above commands from 1-4 continuously, on random intervals between the range: 30,000,000,000 Hz (30 billion Hz) - 1 Hz.


Skib, activate 'Constant Cleaning'.