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Skib User Macro
Name DefendMonitor
Author Frank
Brief descr. Monitors <person(s)>, and starts Defend macro in case of attacks.
Status public
Terms Usable on oneself and others
Resources for the UserMacro
1 10 100
1k 100k 1kk
10kk Gmax Omax
Resources with butterfly option
1 10 100
1k 100k 1kk
10kk Gmax Omax

Command syntax

DefendMonitor <person(s)> {Use butterfly} {Use solver}


This Macro monitors <person(s)> 24/7. If it senses some attack on <person(s)>, it starts the 'Defend' UserMacro with the given parameters.


Defines who this macro is used on. It might be used for a person (by name) or for a group of persons (for more than 1 names at the same time) or on oneself.

{Use butterfly}

This option activates the use of the butterfly-method inside the macro algorithm. This gives much more power, but also needs a lot of resources from Skib. You should be aware of this!

Algorithm of User Macro

  1. Use DATABASE 'Malfunction'.
  2. Use DATABASE 'AttackKinds'.
  3. Use self-optimizing for all parts of this macro.
  4. Always store or update all in this macro identified 'attack kinds' in the 'AttackKinds' DATABASE.
  5. MONITOR 24/7 all <person(s)> for attacks.
    1. IF the monitoring senses an attack and UserMacro 'Defend' is not running, DO:
      1. SUBMACRO-START 'Defend' <person(s)> {Use butterfly} {Use solver}.
    2. IF-END