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Skib User Macro
Name PainKiller
Author Frank
Brief descr. Tries to kill all kinds of pains.
Status public
Terms Usable on oneself and others
Resources for the UserMacro
1 10 100
1k 100k 1kk
10kk Gmax Omax
Resources with butterfly option
1 10 100
1k 100k 1kk
10kk Gmax Omax

Command syntax

PainKiller <person(s)> {Use butterfly} {Pains list}


This macro tries to kill all pains of <person(s)> it can detect.


Defines who this macro is used on. It might be used for a person (by name) or for a group of persons (for more than 1 names at the same time) or on oneself.

{Use butterfly}

This option activates the use of the butterfly-method inside the macro algorithm. This gives much more power, but also needs a lot of resources from Skib. You should be aware of this!

{Pains list}

This is an option. This information can help the skib to identify the pain. The macro uses an external module to identify pains, which should identify >98% of all kinds of pains. So the macro should work fine in most cases.

Algorithm of User Macro

  1. Macro initialize
  2. Use DATABASE 'Malfunction'.
  3. Use DATABASE 'PainKiller'.
  4. Use self-optimizing for all parts of this macro and it's sub-macros.
  5. Always store or update all successful pain killing procedures and solutions and solution parts in the 'PainKiller' DATABASE.
  6. All used by this macro always have to be optimal protected.
  7. DEFINITION of 'juridical person': It's the <person(s)> with all parts and all other what juridical belongs to a <person(s)>.
  8. Add all 'parallel-to-reality' and all 'support mechanic' and all 'VRs' to the common DEFINITION of 'ambient'.
  9. IF the option {Use butterfly} was given, DO:
    1. Use DATABASE 'Butterfly'.
    2. Always use in the macro the butterfly-method for all soft-blocked things.
    3. Store or update all butterfly-methods, which have been successful used in this macro, in the 'Butterfly' DATABASE.
  10. IF-END
  11. Macro start
  12. Scan and scan-off-grid all 'juridical person' of <person(s)> and the belonging 'ambient'.
  13. TRY to identify-pain all 'pains' in 'juridical person' by using 3D-status-call.
  14. TRY to trace-recursive all 'pains' by using 3D-status-call.
  15. TRY to identify all reasons of all 'pains' and origins of all 'pains' in 'juridical person' and it's 'ambient' by using 3D-status-call.
  16. SUBMACRO-START 'Defend' <person(s)> {Use butterfly} 'Use solver' 'All 'pains', all origins of all 'pains', all reasons of all 'pains' ' .
  17. THREAD-START <1> { ('All 'pains', all origins of all 'pains', all reasons of all 'pains' ' ) & ( kill all 'pains' in <person(s)> ) & kill-pain }
  18. THREAD <1> {'solve topic'} Solver (99%)
    1. LOOP until all 'solve topic' is solved.
      1. Trace-recursive all 'solve topic'.
      2. Add all new found in Trace-recursive to 'solve topic'.
      3. Create an optimal solution for all 'solve topic'.
      4. Create optimal procedures for the created solution.
      5. TRY to apply the solution by using the solution procedures.
      6. IF not all 'solve topic' was solved, and the option {Use butterfly} was given, DO:
        1. TRY to apply the solution by using the solution procedures and by using the butterfly-method.
      7. IF-END
      8. TRY to identify the success of the solution and the procedures by using 3D-status-call.
      9. Store all successful parts of the solution and the procedures in the 'PainKiller' DATABASE.
    2. LOOP-END