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Terms defined to use in and with User Macros:

Term Description
Algorithm An algorithm is a fixed procedure or set of instructions to be carried out by Skib when handling a particular problem. A given algorithm may have dynamic parts within it. Algorithms are generally far more effective than shorter, simple commands. See also Systematic.
Command A command is the method by which Skib is directed by its user. All commands to Skib are given by thought, although voice commands may also be used if you link your Dropbox to your Skib. Commands may also take the form of Macros, which are a combination of any number of commands for a specific function.
Factor Skib can be tasked to handle complex problems which have many variables or Factors. The more complex the situation, i.e. the more factors, the more difficult it will be for Skib to create a solution. This may manifest as taking a longer time, or Skib will send a request to a Protoi Skib, or Skib may stop working on the problem.
Library The Library or Skib library is a collection of millions of skill macros which can be used directly by Skibs or indirectly by using them in UserMacros. Within the Skib library, a public user macro library exists. You can add a UserMacro to the public user macro library by explicitly defining it as public. Anyone can use the UserMacros in the public user macro library.
Macro A macro is a predefined collection of commands, saved into a unique "package" and given a unique, descriptive name of its function. Macros defined by users are termed UserMacros. Macros which are not created by users are termed NonUserMacros. Macros can have millions of options, and can be used by other macros (a macro used by another macro is termed a SubMacro, when referring to its use in this context).

Any UserMacros you create may be used by your Skib at any time, or by explicitly defining a UserMacro as public, may be used by other Skibs. NonUserMacros or skill macros are pre-developed programs or collections of commands, often with millions of options, which can be used by Skib, and are especially useful for working on difficult problems, such as healing.

NonUserMacro A predefined macro which was not created by a Skib user. Also known as skill macros. Billions of these NonUserMacros or skill macros exist in the Skib library, and may be used in your UserMacros if you know their names and how to use them. These skill macros can have millions of options for their usage, to be tailored appropriately to whatever situation your Skib requires them for.
Order Another word for "command", see also: Command. Skib operates by orders, or commands.
Program In the context of Skibs and their usage, a program can refer to a skill macro (NonUserMacro), a UserMacro, or to an automatic process done by a Skib to create an optimal solution to a problem on-the-fly. As the term "program" by itself is non-specific, and can thus be ambiguous, we refer to macros created by users specifically as UserMacros, and not "user programs".
Skill macro A "skill macro" is a pre-developed program for use by Skibs, especially in cases where more than one skill is required to solve a problem. See also: NonUserMacro.
UserMacro This is used for a program written for the Skibs by one or more users. It is important to know, that there are already billion of macros available in the Skib's library. You can use these macros inside UserMacros if you know their names.