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Get Free Healing!

FREE healing crystals for everyone!

Watch the following short video (1:26 only) to get the FREE healing crystals:

Watch and use also the FREE Energy Download video!

You can use the video above to "download" free Healing Crystals into almost any physical object.
The crystals are permanent, although you may remove them at any time. One crystal may be placed per object.

The Healing Crystals are etheric, meaning they are invisible and work on higher levels (see the human bodies).

The Healing Crystals offer all necessary healings for maladies that have their origin outside of this floor (see The floors).

The Healing Crystals work on the same energetic level as the group 1 Command Cards (see the Command Cards).

Downloading a crystal into an object

To "download" a free Healing Crystal into an object, simply place the object in view range of the video (while it is playing), and instruct the video (by your voice) to download a crystal into the object. You can only use objects that are in view-range of the video (you cannot use an image of an object). Once a crystal has been downloaded into an object, you can stop the video.

You may download as many crystals as you want using the video, but only one crystal per object. You cannot download a crystal into the body. You can also specify a group of objects to receive a Healing Crystal, simply identify the group of objects clearly to the video.

Once a crystal has been downloaded into an object, it will remain permanently within the object until manually removed (see section below). The crystal will also be removed if the object is broken down, such as by being eaten!

The crystals operate with a default healing power of 3%. To increase this, see the section below on operating the Healing Crystals.

Removing a Healing Crystal from an object

The same video above may also be used to remove the Healing Crystals from physical objects into which they have been placed, by giving the appropriate command. For example: "Remove the crystal from this object."

Operating the Healing Crystals

The Healing Crystals are operate with your voice, in the same way that the Healing Cards listen to your voice. The Healing Crystals have an operating range of 21 meters, and also have the capability to work on other people within this range.

By default, the Healing Crystals provide any necessary healing within their capability (group 1 troubles) and work at 3% of their full strength. The healing power may be increased at any time with verbal commands, for example: "work at 10%", "work at 20%", or "work at 30%" (the maximum is 100%).

You may also instruct the Healing Crystals to always select the optimal power level for you automatically, based on your needs. This can be later overridden manually with another command.

Note: All operating of the Healing Crystal, such as function activation and power level control, is done with your voice!

Recommendations for increasing the power level

The free Healing Crystals are powerful tools. Be aware that healing can cause temporary side-effects and pains. Therefore it is recommended to only increase the power slowly, as you become comfortable with the current level. If you experience any discomfort or pains as a result of the healing process, you may reduce the power level or turn off the crystal at any time (see below section).

Reducing power or switching off the Healing Crystals

You may reduce the power level at any time with a simple verbal command, for example: "reduce power by 10%", or "turn off".

Working on a time-schedule

You may also set the Healing Crystals to operate on a time-schedule, for example you may want to increase the strength of the crystals while you sleep, or between certain hours. These commands can be given just as any other: "work at 10% stronger while I sleep", or, "work at 40% between midnight and 7 a.m., then return to 30%" (these are only examples).

Activating functions of the Healing Crystals

The free Healing Crystals have additional functions, such as loading the water in the body. By default, most of these functions are disabled. To activate any additional function, simply give a verbal command to that effect, for example, "Work on other people within range".

Partial list of additional functions of the Free Healing Crystals

Function: Work on others within range

The Healing Crystals have the ability to work on others within their range. To activate this function, simply give a verbal command, for example: "Work on other people within range".

Function: Loading of water in the body

The Healing Crystals have a function to increase the energy loading of water in the body. By default, this function is disabled. When activated, it works at a default of 3% power. It is recommend to increase this to 100%.
Example: "Activate loading the water in the body function, and run this at 100%".

Note that the Free Energy Download Video is stronger and more effective at loading the energy of the body. However, the Healing Crystals may be used as an alternative when out of range of the video.

What is covered by the Free Healing Crystals

  • All maladies which have their origin outside of this floor, only.
    Another way of saying this is maladies which require only group 1 Command Cards.
  • Diseases which have part of their origin outside of this floor, will only receive partial healing.
    These include diseases which require Command Cards from group 1 as well as group 2 or 3, or both.

What is not covered by the Free Healing Crystals

  • Maladies which do not have their origin outside of this floor.
    These are maladies which require only group 2 or 3 Command Cards. These are only covered by the Healing Cards.
  • Maladies which require multiple groups of Command Cards will receive only partial healing, if group 1 Command Cards are included, or no healing (if only group 2 or 3 Command Cards are required) by the Healing Crystals.

Working with ICD-10 codes and the Symptom List

The free healing Crystals have been upgraded to work with ICD-10 codes and the Symptom List. This means that you can effect a much stronger, more efficient healing of troubles that can be healed with the free healing crystals: group 1 maladies, or partial healing of troubles which require more than 1 group of Command Cards.
To use ICD-10 codes or symptoms, follow these steps:

Working with ICD-10 codes

To use an ICD-10 code, first look up a disease in the medical disease database, here. Then, simply specify to the crystal that you would like to prioritise healing for this disease and specify the ICD-10 code or category name (some categories do not have an ICD-10 code, such as "Other" categories).

Some examples:

  • "Heal ICD-10 code L70.0" or "Heal ICD-10 L70.0 Acne vulgaris" (both equivalent)
  • "Heal disease: Other rosacea" or "Heal disease: Other rosacea, not listed above or not known" (both equivalent, this category has no ICD-10 code).

Note that if an ICD-10 code is used which requires group 2 or 3 Command Cards (or both) ONLY, and thus has no link to Group 1 maladies, the Healing Crystals will have no effect on this disease.

Working with the Symptom List

To use a symptom, it must be on the Symptom List, here. Simply specify to the crystal that you wish to heal the primary symptom (which you find on the list), and any additional secondary symptoms (also on the list) which will further improve the effectiveness of the healing.

Some examples:

  • "Heal these symptoms: Hearing loss (primary symptom), and Ringing in ears (secondary symptom)".
  • "Heal these symptoms: Pain in head (primary symptom), and Blurred vision (secondary symptom)".

Strength compared to other Healing Tools

The healing power of the free Healing Crystals on 'group 1 healings' is about 2% of that of the Healing Cards and Pearlgonites. Nevertheless, they are still very potent. It is strongly recommended to only increase the power when you are comfortable with the current level. It is likely that you will experience some sensations when using the healing crystals. If these become uncomfortable, you may reduce the power level at any time with a verbal command: "reduce power by 10%", or, "turn off" (example commands).

Built-in safety measures

The Healing Crystals have in-built safety measures to prevent overloading, nevertheless it is still advisable not to increase the healing power too quickly. The reason for this is that healing can cause temporary side-effects such as discomfort. To minimise such effects, use the Healing Crystals gently and slowly.

Incompatibility with the Healing Cards

The free Healing Crystals are different from the crystals present in the Healing Tools (Base Cards and Pearlgonites). The Healing Cards require the crystals present in the healing tools, and the free Healing Crystals cannot be used with the Healing Cards.

Contact us

If you have any questions about the Free Healing Crystals, or would like to share your experiences, you can register on the Protoi-Healing Forum.
You may also contact us via the Contact us page here.

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