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The Healing Cards

What are the Protoi Healing Cards?

The Protoi Healing Cards are the tools required to use the latest Protoi Healing technology. Whilst the Protoi Healing Crystals are and always will be freely available, they are much less powerful than the new Healing Cards, and do not target many of the diseases covered by the Healing Cards. Everything that can be healed with the Healing Cards, will also be healed by the Protoi on a global level. But while this global healing is a very slow process, with the Cards you can speed up the healing on an individual basis.

What is in a Healing Card Set?

The Healing Cards come in a set (pictured below) which consists of the following components:

1 Base Card

This card is the tool which actually performs the healing. It contains crystals in a metal disc. These are not the same as the Free Healing Crystals. The Healing Cards require the specific crystals present in a Base Card or Pearlgonite to operate. A Pearlgonite may be used in place of a Base Card, it acts as a Base Card with a much greater range.

See the specific ranges here: The healing tools.

40 Command Cards

These cards contain the healing commands and programs for the healing tool (the Base Card/Pearlgonite).
The Command Cards are further divided into 4 groups according to the energetic area in which they operate:
  • Group 1 cards
    These cards are numbered from 1.1 to 1.10 and include healing programs for maladies that have their origin outside of this floor.
  • Group 2 cards
    These cards are numbered from 2.1 to 2.10 and include healing programs for maladies that have their origin in this floor.
  • Group 3 cards
    These cards are a special group that include emotional healing programs (PL6 energies). They are numbered from 3.1 to 3.10.
  • Group 6 cards
    These cards are numbered from 6.1 to 6.10 and include healing programs for the Info Reality or 3d level.

1 Go Card

This card ends the "programming" of the healing tool (Base Card/Pearlgonite) and starts the healing.
When the Go Card is used, the healing programs can no longer be changed with the Command Cards.

See also: how to use the Protoi Healing Cards.

What is different about the Protoi Healing Cards?

The Protoi Healing Cards work on the Reality Mechanics that create the rules for energy and matter (even at an electron level) in our 3D world.
Most other healing methodologies are not even aware of these Reality Mechanics, and thus they attempt to identify and treat 3D causes of illness and disease. However, the true source of 92% of all maladies are not found in 3D! Therefore, approaching pathology from a purely physical or 3D perspective is likely to produce limited or ineffective results. The problem is that the roots of disease, its energetic causes (which we term Energetic Disease or ED) are often completely ignored.

As with all Protoi Healing technologies, the Healing Cards use especially created, new energies. Other common energetical healings such as Reiki use common, recycled energies which are very often polluted. This makes it impossible for the healer to accurately judge the effects and any side effects of the healings.

Who can benefit from the Healing Cards?

The Healing Cards can be used by most people, specifically this is 82% of mankind. Each individual is different and unique, and not every one is compatible with every healing modality.

The Healing Cards can be used on yourself, or on others. You can also use them on groups of people. A good, unique identification is required for each target of the healing (an individual or group). There is NO limit to the number of times you can use the cards, or the number of people you can use them on.

How do the Healing Cards work?

The Healing Cards are a powerful energetical healing tool that targets the specific energetic causes of physical illness and disease. We term these Energetic Disease (ED), Medical Illness (MI), and Medical Disease (MD) respectively. See here for their definitions.

The first step in the healing process is to write an accurate, unique identification of the person or group you wish to heal. This identification directs the healing tool (Base Card or Pearlgonite) when the healing process is started.

The Healing Cards consist of a Base Card (which can be substituted with a Pearlgonite for greatly increased range), 30 Command Cards and 1 Go Card. The Command Cards are divided into 3 groups of 10 cards according to the energetic level on which they operate. Each Command Card contains millions of preprogrammed commands for the healing tool. The cards listen to your voice and telling the cards about your specific symptoms improves the effectiveness of the healing. This must be done before using the Go Card, as no further input for that particular healing is accepted by the cards after the Go Card is used. The Go Card ends the programming of the healing tool and starts the healing process. No Command Cards can be added or removed after using the Go Card. If you made a mistake in the selection of Command Cards, you can verbally order to cancel the healing, and start the process again.

All prioritizing, scheduling or cancelling of healing processes is done with your voice! The cards contain a very powerful Artificial Intelligence (AI) that listens to your voice and executes permissible verbal commands.

Every medical disease (MD) covered by the Healing Cards requires one or more Command Cards depending on the energetic diseases (EDs) that create that particular disease. Some healings require only 1 Command Card, while others require 10 or more, from multiple groups. By categorizing diseases in this way, the Healing Cards waste no time or energy in the healing process and are very efficient. However, diseases still require time to heal and some healings take longer than others. The time required is not related to the number of Command Cards required, each healing should be treated as a unique case. You can read others' experiences or post your own on the Protoi-Healing Forum.

It is possible to use all the Command Cards at once, but this is not recommended as it greatly slows the healing process. It is far more efficient and effective to focus the healing process by using only the required Command Cards for the disease you wish to heal. For multiple healings, it is sometimes more efficient to schedule or prioritize one at a time. This must all be done with your voice, by giving verbal commands to schedule multiple healings, schedule one at a time, or give priorities. This may be done at any time.

After the Go Card has been used, the healing tool begins the healing and will run until it is completed. The cards run even when you sleep. The healing will run as long as the target (or targets) remain within range of the healing tool. It will not work if they are not in range. This range depends on the healing tool and the cards used: see the list of ranges here. If the target moves out of range, the healing will stop working until they move back into range. For this reason it can be useful to give the person a Base Card to keep with them so that they are always in range of the healing. Additional Base Cards may be purchased separately.

Certain healings require the permission of the person to be healed: specifically those which include "Group 3 cards" that are used for emotional healing (PL6 energies). The commands in these cards influence the personality (behavior and emotions) of the target, so they will not run unless you receive their consent. An exception to this is children under 7 years of age: their parents can execute group 3 commands for them, until they reach the age of seven.

You can obtain the healing target's permission by speaking to them within "earshot" of the cards, even if this is done over the phone. You may also speak to them when outside the hearing range of the cards (which is better than the human ear), and later instruct the cards to search your memory for the required permission. The cards will not do this without your consent. The person can also grant permission in advance by writing it on a paper, in which case you may also use this paper for identification.

Healings requiring only group 1 or group 2 Command Cards (or both) do not require permission of the healing target to be executed.

As the technology develops, the programs in the cards are regularly updated. This requires no additional effort from you, occurs remotely, and all updates are completely free.

Where did the Healing Cards come from?

The Protoi Healing Cards are the latest healing tools offered by the Protoi.

See more about the Protoi here.

Which diseases are currently covered by the Healing Cards?

The current list of diseases covered by the Healing Cards can be found by searching the Medical Disease database.

This database contains a number of ICD-10 disease categories, including many common spellings and synonyms. Each disease category page contains a table with the main ICD-10 code and a number of subcodes (some disease categories only have a main code). The table also contains a column for the required Command Cards that correspond to the aforementioned ICD-10 codes. If there are cards listed next to a code or subcode, then the Healing Cards can be used on that particular disease. Cards which are missing will be added soon.

If you can't find a particular disease, try the search box (upper-right corner of every page). If you can't find it after an extended search, you can register on the Protoi-Healing Forum and request that a disease be added to the database.

How long does the healing take?

All healings require a certain amount of time, and some healings take longer than others. The time required is unique to each case, it is not related to the number of Command Cards required. You may notice an improvement in symptoms in as little as a few days.

Is there any limit to the number of times you can use the cards?

There is NO limit to the number of times you can use the cards, or the number of people you can use them on. However, the healing process will only work as long as the target/s are within range of the healing tool. If the target/s leave the range of the healing tool, the healing process will stop until they return within range.

Buy the Healing Cards

You can order the Healing Cards and the other tools such as Pearlgonites here.

These are the Healing Cards

Healing Cards GO BASE.1200px.jpg

Healing Cards 1er.1200px.jpg

Healing Cards 2er.1200px.jpg

Healing Cards 3er.1200px.jpg

Healing-Cards-6er FINALsample.jpg

Healing Cards 4er rand.1200px.jpg

Healing Cards 5er rand heller.1200px.jpg

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