Command syntax of User Macros

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The general syntax of Skib User Macros:

NameOfUserMacro <param 1> ... <param x> {option 1} ... {option x} ((free param))

NameOfUserMacro This is the name of the user macro. Look at Naming User Macros how to create the name for the user macro.
<param 1>...<param x> These are mandatory parameters for the user macro. Parameters specified in this kind must be given with the command to Skib to start the user macro. If a mandatory parameter is missing in the start command, Skib will not start the user macro at all.
{option 1}...{option x} These are optional parameters, they are NOT mandatory. If one or more of these parameters are not given, the Skib will start the user macro without them.
((free param)) This parameter enables Skib to interpret any additional given information for the user macro. On the one side this can bring big benefit, but on the other side this may force Skib to do researches and operations quite a while (maybe a few hours...), before starting the user macro. So has to be used carefully.

A command shall always get written down like this:

Command syntax

WriteUserMacroNameHere <param 1>... {option 1}...


Whatever the User Macro wil do...

<param 1>

Whatever parameter 1 does...

<param x>

Whatever parameter 2 does...

{option 1}

Whatever option 1 does..

{option x}

Whatever option 2 does..

Here is the wiki code for the above:
(This is also included in the UserMacro page template)

{{UserMacroCommandBox|'''WriteUserMacroNameHere''' <param 1>... {option 1}... }}

:Whatever the User Macro wil do... 

'''<param 1>'''
:Whatever parameter 1 does...

'''<param x>'''
:Whatever parameter 2 does...

'''{option 1}'''
:Whatever option 1 does..

'''{option x}'''
:Whatever option 2 does..