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Skib User Macro
Name FocusedLayersCleaning
Author Grayfox
Brief descr. Focused cleaning by layers
Status Public
Terms Not known, only tested on oneself
Resources for the UserMacro
1 10 100
1k 100k 1kk
10kk Gmax Omax
Resources with butterfly option
1 10 100
1k 100k 1kk
10kk Gmax Omax

Command syntax

FocusedLayersCleaning {Specify current troubles, or target of cleaning} {Run time} {Use butterfly}


I have been using a process to clean painful memories by using visual skill and ordering to bring up all relevant layers to whatever troubles I was currently experiencing (pain, painful memories, etc.) and I tried to make an equivalent macro for public use, that works with or without visual skills. I tested it out a bit, it appears to work very similarly to the personal process I've been using for my own "layers cleaning".
By default, it brings up all layers that are relevant to whatever you are currently experiencing, whether you can see those layers or not, and then it attempts to do the optimum cleaning for those layers, and also, the optimum solution for each situation (it was created by skib programming).
Perhaps it's better to explicitly specify whatever troubles you have.
It will run continuously for 2h if time is not specified, otherwise, you can specify as long as you want.
By default, it uses solver, as that's the way I've been doing it ..
Can specify butterfly if you want, though I've never tried it.
When I try it, it feels kind of like a "washing machine". Certain things take longer than others to get cleaned..
See also the 'SystematicLayersCleaning' macro here: SystematicLayersCleaning.

Macro options:

{Specify current troubles, or target of cleaning}

Specify your current troubles or the area to focus on, the layers relevant to your specified target will be brought up for the focused cleaning.
If not specified, brings up all layers relevant to your current feelings of discomfort (if this does not appear to work for you, try to explicitly specify your feelings/troubles).

{Run time}

Specify how long you want the macro to run. By default, it will run continuously for 2 hours.

{Use butterfly}

Runs all the processes with butterfly-method enabled.

Algorithm of User Macro

  1. (Programmed and auto-optimised using Skib)