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Skib User Macro
Name SystematicLayersCleaning
Author Grayfox
Brief descr. Systematic layers cleaning
Status Public
Terms Not known, only tested on oneself
Resources for the UserMacro
1 10 100
1k 100k 1kk
10kk Gmax Omax
Resources with butterfly option
1 10 100
1k 100k 1kk
10kk Gmax Omax

Command syntax

SystematicLayersCleaning {Trouble areas to focus on} {Run time} {Use solver} {Use butterfly}


This macro is a progression from the previous macro, FocusedLayersCleaning.
The previous macro attempted to bring up at once, all current layers of relevance to your current (or specified) troubles; this macro systematically goes through each layer [from layer 0), to layer I); layer II); layer III); layer III.0); layer IV); layer V); and finally layer VI)] and identify those things giving you troubles, and then attempts to develop an optimal solver procedure to remove these troubles. It also attempts to do the "optimum cleaning" for that layer, in general; and also tries to do the "optimum solution" for the given situation.
This macro uses the self-optimizing method. See: Approved methods for algorithms of User Macros.
For each procedure of layer-cleaning, this macro uses: SolveMalfunctions (submacro), Destroy Protection (submacro), 3d-status-call (method). Also, all that is identified to be cleaned is classified as an attack.
Anything which tries to attack the cleaning also gets classified as an attack, and the Defend macro is started against it.
It's not needed to specify a trouble-topic to focus on, but if you have a very strong problem, you can specify this to try to focus on this area.
It will run continuously for 2h if time is not specified, otherwise, you can specify as long as you want.
When I first tried this (I had been using FocusedLayersCleaning macro previously), I felt strong sensations in my head, and smaller sensations that continued all the way down to my chest. This appears to work more strongly/deeply than FocusedLayersCleaning macro.

{Trouble areas to focus on}

This is optional, and tries to focus on your specified subject/s, as opposed to simply identifying "what is troubling you".

{Run time}

Specify how long you want the process to run. By default, it will run continuously for 2 hours.

{Use solver}

Runs all processes with solver enabled.

{Use butterfly}

Runs the processes with butterfly-method enabled.

Algorithm of User Macro

  1. (Programmed and auto-optimised using Skib)