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How to use the Protoi Healing Cards

Starting the healing process

You can start a healing process with the Healing Cards by following these simple steps:

  1. Write a good, unique identification of the person or group you wish to heal on a piece of paper.
    This can include the person's name, birth date, location and so on; groups can be identified similarly, with unique information pertaining to that particular group. You can also use a photograph of an individual or group. If the healing is for yourself, you can write "me".

  2. Place this paper on the table.

  3. Select a healing tool to use: a Base Card or Pearlgonite, and place this healing tool on the identification paper.
    Pearlgonites have a much larger range of operation, see here.

  4. Select a method of operation: By disease (recommended), or by symptoms.
    1. Working by disease: To look up a specific medical disease, search the medical disease database. You can also use the search box (top-right corner).
      If you only have specific symptoms of a medical illness, and are not sure which medical disease it corresponds to, find the nearest medical disease corresponding to those symptoms in the disease database (or try to work directly with the symptoms, see below).

      If there are a number of possible medical diseases related to your symptoms, you may schedule healing for all of them. See below: Setting schedules or Running multiple healings.

    2. (Alternate method) Working by symptoms: To work directly with symptoms, check the Symptom list to see if your particular symptoms are listed. You may only use this method if your symptoms are on the list.

  5. Note the required Command Cards.
    If working by disease: On the disease category wiki page, see which subcode corresponds to the particular disease you wish to heal. Take note of the required Command Cards next to that subcode. For example, Acne vulgaris (ICD-10 code L70.0) requires 4 cards: 1.5, 2.6, 2.8, and 2.10.

    If working by symptoms: On the symptom list, note the required Command Cards next to your specific symptoms. For example, Dizziness requires 16 different cards.

    Note: If the healing is for another person and group 3 Command Cards are required (3.1 to 3.10), you must obtain that person's permission first. See below: Healings requiring group 3 Command Cards.

  6. Place the required Command Cards on top of the healing tool or the identification paper, the order does not matter.

  7. Describe your symptoms.
    This step is optional, but recommended as it improves the effectiveness of the healing.
    Talk to the cards and describe the particular symptoms you are experiencing, as well as any other relevant information. This can only be done before the Go Card is used.

  8. Use the Go Card.
    Once you have selected all the Command Cards you wish to use and described your symptoms to the cards, use the Go Card by placing it on top of the Command Cards / healing tool / identification paper. This ends the programming of the healing tool and starts the healing process.

Conditions for the healing to run

Once the Go Card has been used, the healing process will run continuously until it is completed, even while you sleep. The healing will run as long as the target is within range of the healing tool (Base Card or Pearlgonite). If the target leaves the range, the healing process will pause until the target returns within range. If the target leaves the range of the healing tool for an extended period of time, the healing program may stop, so in such cases it is advisable to manually restart the healing when required.

How long does the healing take?

All healings require a certain amount of time, and some healings take longer than others. The time required is unique to each case, it is not related to the number of Command Cards required. You may notice an improvement of symptoms in as little as an hour, or it might take significantly longer.

You can read others' experiences with the Healing Cards and share your own on the Protoi-Healing Forum.

Base Card or Pearlgonite?

Base Cards and Pearlgonites may be used interchangeably as the healing tool. The only difference is the range of operation. This varies from 23 to 530 km for Base Cards, and from 140 to 4.300 km for Pearlgonites (each type of Pearlgonite has a different range). The range of each healing tool is dependent on the internal structure of the healing crystals, and also varies with the group/s of Command Cards used. See here for the complete list of ranges. Note that a healing which uses multiple groups of Command Cards would have an effective range equal to that of the group with the shortest range. Group 2 cards have the shortest range of operation, followed by group 1 cards which have a moderate range, and finally group 3 cards which have the largest range.

Due to the relatively short range of Base Cards compared to Pearlgonites, it may be useful to give the healing target a Base Card to carry with them after starting a healing process, so that they are always in range of the healing.

Selecting a method of operation

There are two different methods to work with the Healing Cards.

  1. Primary and recommended method: By disease, using the disease list
  2. Alternate method: By symptoms

In all cases, it will be more effective to work with the disease list. But for this, you need to have the ICD-10 code of the disease, or simply a clue as to which disease it could be. But often, there is no diagnosis given, a diagnosis may not be possible, or the disease may be unknown. In cases like these, there is the option to work with the symptoms, rather than a specific disease.

It is not possible to use every kind of symptom. Each symptom requires a specialized, individual healing program to be created for it, so only symptoms in the Symptom list can be used.

  • Note: The availability of special healing programs for symptoms is due to, and is a typical result of, the "fractal evolution".

Working method by diseases

The primary method of operating the Healing Cards is to work by medical disease (MD). This is always faster and more efficient than working by symptoms. To look up a disease, you can use the medical disease database, or the search box (in the top-right corner of every page). You can also search by ICD-10 code. The medical disease database is mostly based on ICD-10 categories and codes (with a few modifications). To find an ICD-10 code for a disease, you can search the WHO ICD-10 database. If you cannot find a disease category that is listed in the WHO ICD-10 database, you can register in the Protoi-Healing forum and request that it be added.

Missing Command Cards for subcodes in medical disease wiki pages will be updated soon.

  • Note: It is always strongly recommended to use the fewest possible Command Cards, while using all the cards that are required. If you instead use all 30 Command Cards, this will be much slower.
    See also (below): Recommendations for use.

Symptoms match a disease category, but are unlisted

If your symptoms match a disease category, but do not relate directly to a specific ICD-10 subcode on a disease page; for instance, you experience symptoms of Acne, but your symptoms do not match any of the following subcodes:

  • L70.0 Acne vulgaris
  • L70.1 Acne conglobata
  • L70.2 Acne varioliformis
  • L70.3 Acne tropica
  • L70.4 Infantile acne
  • L70.5 Acné excoriée des jeunes filles

In such a case, use the cards listed for "Others, not listed above or not known".

Cannot obtain a specific diagnosis

If you cannot obtain a specific diagnosis, look up the diseases which are most closely related to your symptoms, and run a healing process for each of these diseases with the listed Command Cards: you can do this either one at a time, which is generally fastest, or simultaneously (using all combined Command Cards at once in a single healing), which may be slower.

Alternatively, you may try to work directly with the symptoms, see below: Working method by symptoms.

Finally, it is possible to use all 30 Command Cards in a single session, whilst describing your symptoms to the cards. However, this should only be done as a last resort, since it greatly slows the process of healing. As an example, a healing of "L70.0 Acne vulgaris", using only the 4 Command Cards listed, executes 10 healing programs. However, the same healing performed with all 30 Command Cards used collectively, executes 131 healing programs! Therefore, using all 30 cards in such a case may be 13 times slower than only using the required cards.

Working method by symptoms

If you cannot link your illness to a specific ICD-10 disease code, you may alternatively work directly with the symptoms. Only a certain number of symptoms can be used in this manner, for example, Dizziness. Each symptom on the list has specialized healing programs created for its healing, and these can be activated by using the required Command Cards listed next to each. Remember to specify your symptoms to the cards for the best results.

See here for the Symptom List.

How to operate the Healing Cards

The cards contain a powerful Artificial Intelligence (AI) that listens to your voice and executes permissible auditory commands. All instructions or commands should be given verbally.

Selecting Command Cards

It is strongly recommended to use only the required Command Cards which best match your medical illness or symptoms, after searching the medical disease database. However, it is possible to use all 30 Command Cards at once in a single healing process. This is not recommended as it greatly slows the healing process. Certain healings may take many orders of magnitude longer, if all 30 Command Cards are used, than if only the required Command Cards are used.

See also: Using all 30 Command Cards is much slower.

Describing your symptoms

Before the Go Card has been used, you can verbally describe your symptoms and any other related information to the cards, in order to improve the effectiveness and speed of the healing. The AI in the cards uses this information to improve the accuracy of the healing process, beyond the standard required Command Cards. This may only be done before using the Go Card. If you missed some important information and already used the Go Card, simply cancel the healing in progress with a verbal command, and begin the process again.

Accelerating a healing with the Energy Download Video

The Free Energy Download Video can be used to accelerate the speed of any healing performed by the Healing Cards. On average, there is a 7-factor increase in speed. Be aware that accelerating a healing will likely increase any temporary side effects experienced as a result of the healing process.

To accelerate a healing process, simply instruct the cards, at any time during the 'set-up' phase (when Command Cards are used and symptoms are being described, and before the Go Card has been used), to use the energies of the Energy Download Video automatically, if available. Any time following this, add this particular healing as a task for the video (see how to use the video).

  • Example command to accelerate a healing program: "Use the energies of the video automatically, if available."

Note that each healing accelerated with the video requires factor 0.2 of energy, on average. Typically, the maximum amount of energy a person can handle from the video at once is factor 22. Therefore, if factor 5 was used for one's own energy needs, and the rest for accelerating healings performed with the Healing Cards, on average, 85 healings could be accelerated simultaneously. Note that, for healings run on a single person, healing programs generally run much more efficiently when executed one at a time.

Some people can handle much more than factor 22 of energy. People without chakras can, on average, use energy up to factor 172 (meaning 172 times the default amount of the video).

Using the Go Card

The Go Card is used to finalise the parameters of the present healing process to be executed. When the Go Card is used, the healing process begins, and no further input for the current healing "package" or program is accepted by the Healing Cards. Describing your symptoms further, or adding more Command Cards has no effect (unless a new healing process is started with another use of the Go Card). To give the cards more information about symptoms (to improve the speed and efficiency of the healing), you will need to cancel the current healing process (with a verbal command to the cards), and start from the beginning: Using the same Command Cards, giving the cards all the relevant information about your illness or symptoms, and once more using the Go Card to finalise the new healing.

  • Note: Setting or changing schedules or priorities, including scheduling new healings to run after the present one has completed, can all be done after the Go Card has been used.

Setting schedules

You can set schedules when using the Healing Cards. For instance, you can start a healing, and then schedule another healing to run, conditional on the first healing process being completed: To do this, simply give a verbal command that the new healing is conditional on the current one (or ALL currently scheduled healings) being completed. Alternatively, you can set a time schedule for a certain healing to start, however, once a healing process has started, it cannot be interrupted without having to be completely restarted (by using the required Command Cards again, followed by the Go Card). You may also rearrange the order of pre-scheduled healings at any time, with no impact on the current healing in progress.

Setting priorities

You can set priorities when running multiple healings, one at a time, using the above method. Simply instruct the cards which healings to give more priority than the others, and these healing programs will run with the given priority.

Cancelling a healing program

To cancel a running healing process, simply give a verbal command to stop. For example: "Cancel the healing in progress". You may also cancel healings which are scheduled to run, but have not started yet (see setting schedules).

Interrupting a healing in progress

If you want to interrupt a healing in progress to run a more important healing, you must follow this procedure:

  1. First, cancel the running healing.
  2. Secondly, apply the new healing (to run immediately).
  3. Finally, if desired, schedule the old healing to run again after the new healing (or re-apply the old healing at a later time).

You cannot "start-and-stop" healings when working with the Healing Cards (unlike the Free Healing Crystals).
Every healing program has a "start procedure". Therefore, if any interruption occurs, the process will need to be restarted, and all required Command Cards will need to be used again. As an alternative, you can schedule an additional healing to run immediately after the current healing has completed, or following all scheduled programs.

Healings requiring group 3 Command Cards

If the healing is for someone else, and group 3 Command Cards are needed (3.1 to 3.10), you must obtain their permission before the cards will start the healing. The cards listen to your voice, so you may obtain this permission over the phone, within range of the cards, which hear better than a human ear. You may also obtain this permission in advance, when away from the cards, and then later instruct the cards to get the required permission from your memory. The cards will not search your memory without your permission. The person can also grant written permission in advance, in this case you may use this paper for identification.

  • Note: Parents can order group 3 commands (and therefore, use group 3 Command Cards) for their children, until they turn 7 years old.

See also: How do the Healing Cards work?

Running multiple healing programs

One at a time

Certain healing programs should be used one at a time. In general, this is the better (and usually faster) way to do things. To start a schedule for multiple healings to run one-at-a-time, use all required Command Cards for the first healing, and then use the Go Card. Tell the cards that you want to schedule another healing, conditional on the first healing being completed. Then add the Command Cards for the second healing, and the use the Go Card again.

The Go Card is used once for each healing "program" (Here, "program" is used to mean a set of Command Cards used for a particular healing purpose). For example, if you want to run 10 different healings, one after the other, you will use 10 different sets of Command Cards, and use the Go Card a total of 10 times, while telling the cards what you want to do.


You may look up multiple diseases and use all their required Command Cards at once in a single healing, but this may be slower than prioritizing one at a time. To execute multiple healings simultaneously, use ALL required Command Cards for every healing before the Go Card is used. Similarly, you can also use ALL the Command Cards at once in a single healing, but this is far slower than selecting only the required Command Cards for a specific medical condition.

Running healings for different people simultaneously

All healings schedules used with the Healing Cards are independent, based on the person for whom they are scheduled. Therefore, you may schedule or run multiple concurrent healings for many different people at the same time, as long as they are all in range of the healing tool. This does not affect the speed of operation. There are (very large) limits to the number of people you can add to a single healing tool simultaneously, depending on the capacity of the healing tool.

The Base Card has the smallest capacity, however it can run healing programs for hundreds of people simultaneously.
The Pearlgonites can handle healing programs for many thousands of people simultaneously.

Possible side effects

The Healing Cards are very powerful tools. Removal and healing of energetic diseases may cause temporary side effects. If you experience uncomfortable side effects, you may cancel the running healing program and restart it later (manually). Unlike the Free Healing Crystals, you cannot control the power level of the Healing Cards.

Recommendations for use

Be as specific as possible for the fastest results

The Healing Cards have been designed to be easy to use, while also being exceptionally comprehensive. The 30 Command Cards contain millions of preprogrammed commands and programs. Although they are very powerful, healing takes time. Therefore it is far more efficient and quicker to use a specific healing "package", made up of specific Command Cards, as closely related to your symptoms as possible; than it is to use all 30 Command Cards at once.

To illustrate this, let's say, for example that at least one of the following is true:

  • You have received a specific diagnosis of Acne vulgaris (also known as Cystic acne).
  • You currently experience the symptoms which characterize Acne vulgaris: open or closed comedones (blackheads or whiteheads) and pustular nodules (Source: ICD10Data).

Searching the medical disease database for "Acne" or "Acne vulgaris" will yield a result of "L70.0 Acne vulgaris", where "L70.0" is the specific ICD-10 code for this disease (medical disease page for Acne).

Note that "Acne vulgaris" requires 4 Command Cards: 1.5, 2.6, 2.8, and 2.10. When these 4 cards are used for this disease, 10 healing programs are executed. Alternatively, you could use all 30 Command Cards, which would execute 131 healing programs. However, this would mostly treat the side effects and all related minor issues before the healing of the main disease is started! The healing would take much longer overall, as 131 healing programs are being executed, rather than only 10.

Therefore, using only the 4 required Command Cards as a single healing "package" for your Acne vulgaris symptoms is the fastest, most efficient method to use the Healing Cards in this situation.

In general, it is recommended to use the fewest possible Command Cards, while using all the cards that are listed for your specific symptoms or medical disease.

Describe your symptoms to the cards

Describing your symptoms to the cards, before the Go Card has been used, improves the accuracy and efficiency of the healing for your specific symptoms. This is always strongly recommended. However, this must be done before the Go Card has been used. If you already started a healing without specifying your symptoms (or the symptoms of the person you want to heal), you can cancel the healing and start the process again.

Tutorial video

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