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(Version 2.0 Update)
(40 Group Cards)
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Each card group has a specific targeted area that it works on, these are categorized below:
Each card group has a specific targeted area that it works on, these are categorized below:
* '''Group 1 Cards: Memories & Harmonies'''<br/>
* '''Group 1 cards: Memories'''<br/>
:1.1 - 1.5: Memories
:1.1 - 1.5: Memories
:1.6 - 1.10: Harmonies
:1.6 - 1.10: Currently no function
* '''Group 2 Cards: PL12 and PL8 protected energies'''<br/>
* '''Group 2 cards: PL12 and PL8 protected energies'''<br/>
:2.1 - 2.5: PL12 protected energies
:2.1 - 2.5: PL12 protected energies
:2.6 - 2.10: PL8 protected energies
:2.6 - 2.10: PL8 protected energies
* '''Group 3 Cards: Emotions (PL6) and all other kinds of protected energies'''<br/>
* '''Group 3 cards: Emotions (PL6) and all other kinds of protected energies'''<br/>
:3.1 - 3.5: PL6 protected energies (emotions)
:3.1 - 3.5: PL6 protected energies (emotions)
:3.6 - 3.10: All other kinds of protected energies
:3.6 - 3.10: All other kinds of protected energies
* '''Group 6 Cards'''
* '''Group 6 cards'''
:'''Cards 6.1 to 6.5: Main Cards'''<br/>
:'''6.1 - 6.5: Main Cards'''<br/>
:6.1: Head
:6.1: Head
:6.2: Organs
:6.2: Organs
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:6.4: Hands & Arms
:6.4: Hands & Arms
:6.5: Legs & Feet
:6.5: Legs & Feet
:'''Cards 6.6 to 6.10: Reality Mechanics and Layers'''<br/>
:'''6.6 - 6.10: Reality Mechanics and Layers'''<br/>
:6.6: Quantum Space
:6.6: Quantum Space
:6.7: Layer 2
:6.7: Layer 2
:6.8: Layer 1
:6.8: Layer 1
:6.9: Calculation Space and Related Areas
:6.9: Calculation Space and related areas
:6.10: Result Space
:6.10: Result Space

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The Healing Cards v. 2.0

Version 2.0 Update

The Protoi Healing Cards have received a massive update, and are now more powerful and easy-to-use than ever! ALL diseases and problems require only 1-5 Main Cards (6.1-6.5), each of which target a specific region of the body. Diseases which affect the entire body therefore require all 5 Main Cards. In addition to the Main Cards, it is now possible to add the powers-of-attorney for your rank in the Protoi Alliance to boost the power of the healing program. This is called the Package. You can see how to use the cards here: How to use the Healing Cards.

Therefore, where a disease may have required 10 or so Command Cards, these have been replaced with the Main Cards system. So Acne now requires only a single Main Card: Card 6.3 (the Systemic card). This should be used in addition with your Package (the list of all Package cards is here). You should still describe the problem verbally to the Base Card/Pearlgonite as accurately as possible, so that the most optimal healing program can be produced.

Old healing programs using the Command Cards system can still be used, but these are much less powerful than new healing programs produced with the Main Cards system. All disease pages in the database are being updated to the new Main Cards system. At the bottom of each updated table will be this line: MAIN CARDS FOR ALL:. This line specifies which Main Cards to use for ALL variants of that particular disease.

Another feature of this update is that all programs now run concurrently in parallel, with no loss of efficiency or speed for running multiple programs at once on multiple people. There are now no limits to this, and therefore no need for scheduling or prioritising of running programs anymore. All programs will run at full speed.

What are the Protoi Healing Cards?

The Protoi Healing Cards are the tools required to use the latest Protoi Healing technology. Whilst the Protoi Healing Crystals are and always will be freely available, they are much less powerful than the new Healing Cards, and do not target many of the diseases covered by the Healing Cards. Everything that can be healed with the Healing Cards, will also be healed by the Protoi on a global level. But while this global healing is a very slow process, with the Cards you can speed up the healing on an individual basis.

What is in a Healing Card Set?

The Healing Cards come in a set of 42 cards: 1 Base Card, 40 Group Cards, and 1 GO Card (pictured below). These cards make up the standard Healing Card Set. Plants and Animals cards are also available separately, however these are not required for any medical disease healing programs. The standard Healing Card Set are all that you need.

The components of the Standard Healing Card Set:

1 Base Card

This card is the Healing Tool which actually performs the healing, and is used as the base of all healing programs. This card contains a metal disc inside, within which have been placed etheric crystals (not physical crystals). The crystals present in the Base Card are required to run healing programs. Alternatively, you could use a Pearlgonite as your Healing Tool, which also contains special etheric crystals in its geometric structure. For the purposes of running healing programs, a Pearlgonite acts essentially as a Base Card, but with much greater range of operation.

You can view the current range of operation of both the Base Card and the Pearlgonites here: Range of operation of the healing tools.

40 Group Cards

40 group cards are included in the standard set of Healing Cards, including card groups 1, 2, 3 and 6 (pictured below)

Each card group contains 10 cards, numbered from 1 to 10. For example, group 1 contains cards 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, ... up to 1.10. Each card group has a specific targeted area that it works on, these are categorized below:

  • Group 1 cards: Memories
1.1 - 1.5: Memories
1.6 - 1.10: Currently no function
  • Group 2 cards: PL12 and PL8 protected energies
2.1 - 2.5: PL12 protected energies
2.6 - 2.10: PL8 protected energies
  • Group 3 cards: Emotions (PL6) and all other kinds of protected energies
3.1 - 3.5: PL6 protected energies (emotions)
3.6 - 3.10: All other kinds of protected energies
  • Group 6 cards
6.1 - 6.5: Main Cards
6.1: Head
6.2: Organs
6.3: Systemic Issues
6.4: Hands & Arms
6.5: Legs & Feet
6.6 - 6.10: Reality Mechanics and Layers
6.6: Quantum Space
6.7: Layer 2
6.8: Layer 1
6.9: Calculation Space and related areas
6.10: Result Space

The 40 group cards in the standard set may alternatively be categorised into "Main Cards" and "Package Cards":

  • The Main Cards are cards 6.1 to 6.5. One or more of these cards will be required by every healing program. Each Main Card has a specific region of the body that it works on. For diseases that cover multiple regions, you would use multiple Main Cards.
  • The Package Cards include the remaining 35 cards in the standard set: All group 1 cards, all group 2 cards, all group 3 cards, and cards 6.6 to 6.10. These cards are used to add powers-of-attorney for Protoi Alliance members. Depending on your rank, you have a specified list of cards to use, this is your "package". This package of cards is added to every healing program. The package is added after the Main Card(s).

The addition of the package greatly improves the strength of the healing programs, however it is possible to run a healing program without it. This is not recommended.

1 GO Card

This card is used as the last step in any healing program. This card finalises the installation of the healing program into the Base Card, and orders the Base Card to start the program.

How to use the Cards

See this page for a detailed description of how use the cards to start healing programs: How to use the Protoi Healing Cards.

A simple description is given below, as six simple steps:

  1. The first step in the healing process is to write an accurate, unique identification of the person or group you wish to heal.

  2. The second step is to place the Base Card (or Pearlgonite) on top of the identification paper.

  3. The third step is to place all required Main Cards (cards 6.1 to 6.5) required for the specific illness or disease. For instance, a headache requires Main Card 6.1. These one or more Main Cards should be placed on top of the Base Card (or Pearlgonite).

  4. The fourth step is to place the Package, which is a predefined set of cards that depends on the card user's rank in the Protoi Alliance. The Package greatly improves the strength of the healing process, and thus should be used for every healing program.

  5. The fifth step, and a very important step, is to verbally describe the problem to the Base Card. This is important, as the healing program will only run most efficiently if the Base Card knows where to start! Give as much detail as possible to assist the Base Card in creating the most efficient healing program for the situation. If you start a healing program, and later remember to add some crucial information, you should order to cancel the running program (again, with your voice to the Base Card) and start it again, repeating all the above steps and repeating the information-giving process.

  6. The sixth step is to place the GO Card on top of all the other cards. This step is a physical indicator to the Base Card that it is time to start the healing program.
  • Note: You may start as many concurrent healing programs as you wish, there is no limit to this. All healing programs run in parallel and with no loss of speed or efficiency for running multiple programs at the same time. Therefore you may start many different programs for yourself and many different people at the same time, if you wish.
  • All target(s) of the healing programs must stay within range of the Base Card at all times for the healing program to work properly (else it will pause, and restart when the target is again within range). To assist in this, you may purchase an additional Base Card to give to the target of the healing, and use this card to start the initial healing program for that person. Alternatively, you may use a Pearlgonite instead of a Base Card, which has a greatly increased range of operation.
  • When starting healing programs for other people, you should ask them for permission (written or verbal). Many healing programs work on protected energies such as emotional energies (which we call PL6 energies). Healing programs started for a person without receiving their permission will not work on these protected energies, and will therefore be much less effective than otherwise.
    • The written permission should be placed together with the identification paper. If you obtained verbal permission (such as over the phone), remember to verbally instruct the Base Card that you have obtained such permission, before starting the healing program.
    • Children under 7 years of age do not need to give permission for their parents to start programs for them, until they reach the age of seven.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do the Protoi Healing Cards work?

The Protoi Healing Cards work on the Reality Mechanics that create the rules for energy and matter (even at an electron level) in our 3D world.
Most other healing methodologies are not even aware of these Reality Mechanics, and thus they attempt to identify and treat 3D causes of illness and disease. However, the true source of 92% of all maladies are not found in 3D! Therefore, approaching pathology from a purely physical or 3D perspective is likely to produce limited or ineffective results. The problem is that the roots of disease, its energetic causes (which we term Energetic Disease or ED) are often completely ignored.

As with all Protoi Healing technologies, the Healing Cards use especially created, new energies. Other common energetical healings such as Reiki use common, recycled energies which are very often polluted. This makes it impossible for the healer to accurately judge the effects and any side effects of the healings.

Who can benefit from the Healing Cards?

Approximately 80% of all people are compatible with the Healing Cards. As each individual is different and unique, some are unfortunately not compatible with the Healing Cards technology. We only sell card sets to users that are compatible with the cards.

For compatible users, the Healing Cards can be used on yourself, other people, or even groups of people at a time that suffer from the same disease. All that is required is a good and unique identification for each target of the healing, whether individual or group.

Where did the Healing Cards come from?

The Protoi Healing Cards are the latest healing tools offered by the Protoi.

See more about the Protoi here.

Which cards do I need for this particular disease?

The current list of diseases covered by the Healing Cards can be found by searching the Medical Disease database.

This database contains a number of ICD-10 disease categories, including many common spellings and synonyms. Each disease category page contains a table with the main ICD-10 code and a number of subcodes (some disease categories only have a main code). The table also contains a column for the required Command Cards that correspond to the aforementioned ICD-10 codes. If there are cards listed next to a code or subcode, then the Healing Cards can be used on that particular disease. Cards which are missing will be added soon.

If you can't find a particular disease, try the search box (upper-right corner of every page). If you can't find it after an extended search, you can register on the Protoi-Healing Forum and request that a disease be added to the database.

How long does the healing take?

The time required is unique to each case and to each individual. You may notice an improvement in symptoms in as little as a few hours.

Are there any limits to the use Healing Cards?

You may use the cards as many times as you wish, to create as many healing programs as you wish, for as many people as you want. The only requirements are a good and unique identification for each target of the healing programs, and that the target is compatible with the Healing Card technology. The healing programs will not run on targets that are not compatible.

If all requirements are met, the healing program will run and will continue to run as long as the target(s) are within range of the Base Card (or Pearlgonite). The program(s) will run until they are completed.

Free future updates to the Healing Cards

As the technology develops, the programs in the cards are regularly updated. This may improve the speed and healing of the healing as well as the range of the Base Cards. All updates occur automatically and remotely, and are completely free.

Buy the Healing Cards

You can order the Healing Cards and the other tools such as Pearlgonites here.

These are the Healing Cards

Healing Cards GO BASE.1200px.jpg

Healing Cards 1er.1200px.jpg

Healing Cards 2er.1200px.jpg

Healing Cards 3er.1200px.jpg

Healing-Cards-6er FINALsample.jpg

Healing Cards 4er rand.1200px.jpg

Healing Cards 5er rand heller.1200px.jpg

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